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Motor Insurance 

Arranging and buying motor insurance is not difficult, any insurance agent can help you buy a motor insurance without any hassle. The problem only surfaces when you meet with an unfortunate accident and need professionals to be on your end to handle the claim on your behalf. 

At Newstate, we endeavor to not only advise you the insurer who is competitively priced in their premium, but also being pro-active in fighting for your interest when you have a claim situation. 

If you are a corporate organization with a fleet of vehicles, let us help you to come up with innovative and competitively priced solutions to help you save administrative time and money. 

Contact us for a Free Quotation and Drive out in confidence knowing that you have a team here in Newstate that is always there for you. 

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The following are just some of the insurance solutions that Newstate can assist you with: 
•    Third Party Motor Liability Insurance
•    Comprehensive Motor Insurance 
•    Commercial Motor Insurance 
•    High End/Valued Car Insurance 
•    Motor Fleet Insurance